Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: What is XanEdu Customization Platform?

A: XanEdu Customization Platform, a product of XanEdu Inc., is a service for higher education that allows faculty and administrators to create custom course materials from a variety of sources and present the assembled content in print or digital formats.

Q: How are custom books created?

A: An educator logs on to the XanEdu Customization Platform and selects content that they would like to use, either from our library, which includes millions of titles from hundreds of publishers, or from their own collection, with XanEdu helping to provide the necessary clearance. XanEdu creates the custom book in real-time, allowing faculty to view their assembled course materials (and the pricing to their students) immediately.

Q: Does XanEdu have the content that I'm looking for?

A: Chances are we do, our library contains millions of pieces of copyright cleared materials that are discoverable in numerous ways from an ever-expanding group of publishing partners. To see the latest list of content providers, click here.

Q: What if I can't find the material I'm looking for?

A: If we don't have the specific content you're looking for, please contact us at and we will reach out to the publisher to assist in clearing rights for you. You may also upload your own content and we'll help you with the clearances through our automated process.

Q: What are the printed books like?

A: XanEdu custom textbooks are professionally printed, perfect bound softcover editions with heavy, coated stock, 4-color covers (we print under license for major publishers, including Random House, among others.)

Q: What are the digital books like?

A: XanEdu custom eBooks are Digital Rights Management protected PDFs, readable on most devices, including Windows, Macintosh, iOS, and Android devices.

Q: How do I download my complimentary desk copy?

A: Follow this guide to download your digital desk copy.

Q: What is the XanEdu Co-Op?

A: The XanEdu Co-Op is a place to share course packs you've crafted with others in your field and to get a sense of what others are doing. Looking for great ideas or a starting off point for that course you're teaching for the first time next semester? This is where you'll find them.

Copyrights and Royalties

Q: How does XanEdu clear copyrights for me?

A: Any content in the XanEdu Customization Platform library is pre-cleared through agreements with the publishers in question for instant use in your custom course materials. For all other material XanEdu Customization Platform dynamically clears content in real-time by checking the database at the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to obtain permissions. For more information on copyright, please click here.

Q: What information do I need to provide to request copyright permission for items not in the library?

A: You will need to know the following: Are you the rights holder of this material or do you need the site's assistance? If you have a prearranged agreement with the rights holder that does not require our assistance (for example, a school wide arrangement with a journal provider) you may tell us that as well.

Q: Can I charge royalties for my own material?

A: Yes, XanEdu enables you to charge a royalty for your own materials, if you wish and are legally able to do (please check your state and institution laws and policies). Royalty payments are made 30 days after the month in which the sale was made.

Q: How long does XanEdu's royalty processing take?

A: XanEdu clears most content in real-time so this step is completed while you are building your custom content. In rare cases when royalty processing will take longer, the system will alert you and a representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Q: How long does manual clearance support take?

A: This can vary depending upon the copyright holder or publisher, however, XanEdu is proud to set the industry standards in response times and working to clear copyright.

Q: Are you able to clear photographic images?

A: Content and photo permissions are completely separate from each other. We have chosen not to clear photo permissions at this time since these are often prohibitively expensive.

Q: How do I learn how much the material I've curated costs for the student?

A: The XanEdu Customization Platform provides a running price, showing you the cost of the custom book as it is being built to your specifications. Immediately upon completion, you will see the final student price.

Q: Why do I need permission if I wrote the material I am requesting?

A: It's possible that your college is the copyright holder for your materials even though you authored them; please check the policies of your school.

Q: If I received permission for a title last semester, don't I automatically have permission when I order that title again?

A: While you will likely be granted permission again, it cannot be assumed to be the case, as publisher's agreement with a copyright holder may change; therefore, as a matter of practice, publishers require that permissions must be cleared each term.

Q: Who can I contact if I need additional help with copyright issues?

A: Our Customer Service department is open Monday through Friday 8AM - 8PM Eastern Time via phone at 1-866-297-9095, e-mail at or by live chat.


Q: How do I provide the custom book I create to my students?

A: When you have finished your project and declared it a completed book you may go to the Completed Books page, where you will be given a Link for Students to Purchase as well as the ability to track book sales. Simply share this link with your students and they will be able to purchase print or digital copies easily through XanEdu's e-commerce website. If you wish to distribute through your campus bookstore, the bookstore can order directly through the same link.

Q: What formats do XanEdu books come in?

A: XanEdu books are professionally printed,perfect bound and softcover, available in black and white or color. They are also available as digital eBooks in PDF formats.

Q: What devices can my students read XanEdu Customization Platform's eBooks on?

A: XanEdu Customization Platform eBooks are compatible with a wide range of devices, including desktop, laptop, and tablets.

Q: What is the turnaround time for XanEdu custom books?

A: Once you have finalized your custom book, you can immediately release the information to your students via email. A student purchasing the ebook will receive their purchase within minutes. A student purchasing the printed book can choose the fulfillment option that suits his/her needs.

Q: Do you offer branded cover options? For the school? For the course?

A: Yes, you can create a cover for your custom materials by uploading your school logo, name, etc. If you would like to create a branded XanEdu Customization Platform site for your school, with custom designed covers and other options, please contact

Q: If I use the same materials next semester do I have to do the same thing again?

A: No, you may simply log into your account, change and update what you would like to, and recommit your book for the next semester. You will receive a new student distribution link at that time to your updated materials.

Q: What if I miss the semester deadline? May I still order my materials?

A: XanEdu does not maintain semester deadlines so you build your custom book as you need course materials.

Technical Questions

Q: What type of content can I include in my book outside of what's in the XanEdu Customization Platform library?

A: You may include any of the following files, for which XanEdu Customization Platform will guide you through a quick copyright clearance process (if necessary):

Q: How do I upload content?

A: When you begin a project you will be taken to a page with a variety of options to upload content. Simply choose the type of content you'd like to include and follow the instructions on screen.

Q: Can I rearrange material after I've included it?

A: Yes, you may move material around by dragging and dropping it in the right Contents side bar.

Q: How may I search for materials in the XanEdu Customization Platform library?

A: You may search by Topic, Title, Author, ISBN, Industry, or Discipline. You may also filter your search by Provider and/or Year. You may further choose to only search for non-royalty based content.

Q: Is there a limit to eBook file size?

A: No, but your students must have enough available memory on their devices.

Q: What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

A: DRM protects copyright holders and assures that permissions have been granted for use of specific content.

Q: Are your custom books interactive?

A: Yes, you can embed links to videos, web, and other interactive content in the digital book.

Q: What is a flipbook preview?

A: This gives you, as the creator, the opportunity to review a digital draft of your book before creating the final file.

Q: Is the flipbook image indicative of print quality?

A: No, this is a low-resolution draft version to confirm your chosen items and Table of Contents.

Q: Can I archive old books?

A: Yes, you may archive old books to take them out of your active stream on the Completed Books page.

Q: I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

A: Go to the Login Page, select I forgot my password and enter your e-mail address.

Q: Can I share my project with a colleague?

A: Yes! Simply press the Send Project button next to any of your Active Projects.